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When Frederick McAlpine landed in Freeport, Grand Bahama, there was a great crowd waiting for him at the Grand Bahama International Airport on Tuesday 19 June.  The cheers went up.  The MP who had just been booted out as the Chair of the Hotel Corporation was moved to tears as the video shows.  The crowd he said were people from the FNM, the PLP and the DNA.  He thought that it was a coalition of interests.  He should not take that to heart.  The FNM is pushing the propaganda around and frightening the hearts of PLPs that the PLP is going to be pushed out by the combination of MPs headed by Frederick McAlpine.  Mr. McAlpine has visions of that delusion as well. Even if it happens, it is dead end; as dead an end as it was for Loretta Butler Turner and the 7 FNM MPs who chose to go the Governor General in the last term to remove Minnis as the Leader of the Opposition.  See where she is now and where he is now.  The future is with the PLP.  There are only two forces in the country.  The crowd that Mr. McAlpine saw was not an FNM or DNA crowd.  It was not a coalition. Nice to think so.  To be sure there were some of them but mainly they were PLPs sent there to support the move made by him. He should bear that in mind before the makes any next move.