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The FNM Chair of the Constituency Association one Juan Cartwright said that if they were given a choice again they would not choose Reece Chipman to be the standard bearer in Centreville. He told the Tribune that they did not think that he was the best choice and it was only after two tries that Dr. Minnis asked them to take Mr. Chipman that it came to be.  Mr. Cartwright was peeved because Mr. Chipman voted against the increase in VAT.  He said that Mr. Chipman did not consult the Association.   Mr. Chipman told The Tribune that he did not need to consult the FNM Association anymore than he needed to consult the PLP Branch in the area.  He walked the district and consulted the people and voted based on that.  But here’s the kicker for these wusses in the PLP who are accepting the Dion Foulkes inspired propaganda that these  dismissed FNM MPs are going to form a party to push the PLP out as the main Opposition force in the House.  Mr. Chipman said he had given no serious thought to leaving the FNM. Well there you have it folks. The interview was reported in The Tribune 21 June.