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Well this Wednesday 11 August 2021 is the day the rogue FNM Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie is calling what he says is a people’s Parliament. This is the summer of his discontent.  Mr. Moultrie has had a falling out with his party.  He has resigned from the FNM.  He filed his own Constituencies Commission report.  He now says (3 August 2021) he is summoning the people’s parliament. The PLP says: grab the popcorn; fire bun if you wish. We want to see if the Prime Minister has the courage to send the police into the precincts of the House to  break up the Parliament.  You know that the precincts include the public square and that is a space legally controlled by the Speaker. So we will see. Senator Fred Mitchell says he will be on the Senate balcony watching the show with his bag of popcorn. One warning to the Speaker, you cannot involve the staff of the House in these political hijinks.