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As a Free National Movement (FNM) supporter since the 1970s, I am ready to cast my net on the other side.  

The party has been transformed in to a sweetheart political organization – where the leaders appear to be following in the footsteps of their whore-mongering predecessors.

FNM leaders and standard bearers of today, seem to be more obsessed with their sweeties, hoes and bastard making pursuits, rather than the good of the country – in my opinion.  

I have made more political contributions and sacrifices than many of them – past and present.  I have been in the FNM trenches most of my life fighting PLP corruption and victimization – while many of the present day FNM leaders were PLPing-it-up.

Yes, the FNM party has lost its way since the advent of Pindling’s most illustrious protégé – in 1989.  Sweethearts, whores, and bastard making have become the main focus of the FNM leadership – in my humble view.

I’ve been blacklisted and sidelined a long time ago in my party, the Free National Movement, (FNM).  I am always ready to serve my beloved country, The Bahamas; and nothing will stop me – as long as there is God’s breath in me.

Indeed, the FNM has become a selective lovers, family and friends society.  The Bahamas and Bahamian people deserve  better than that.  I will continue to fight for a better country, and not allow the FNM to bury me alive.

Dennis Dames will rise again, and I have declared war on the politically and morally corrupt FNM.

Yours etc.,

Dennis Dames