What’s With Mark Humes At COB?

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Alfred Sears Q C COB Chairman

Last week, the country was amused by the comments of the President of the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas Mark Humes calling for the resignation of the Chair of the College Council Alfred Sears. Mr. Humes who is also a part of the Council and is therefore responsible for its accounts claimed that Mr. Sears should go because the College got a bad report from its auditors Baker Tilly Gomez about his accounting producers and records dating back to 2011 before Mr. Sears sat as Chair. Mr. Sears pointed this out in a statement to the press.  It is clear therefore that if Mr. Sears has to go for that reason then Mr. Humes also has to go.  Not so fast said Mr. Humes.  He claims he was only a mere board member.  The College President Rodney Smith wrote a letter to the press on the anniversary of his first year as President to say that the press use of the internal document to defame the college was unethical and appealed to their ethical sense.  He is of course wasting his time  when he is talking about ethics to Mark Humes and the press.  Stay tuned.  This is about to become interesting.