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Hubert Minnis, our Prime Minister, is so crazy and unpredictable and self-absorbed that we have no idea what he will do from day to day.  Back in December, he had his ministers spreading the word that he was going to call general elections early, as early as after Easter this year.  As the economy worsened and the pandemic got more out of control and he became more unpopular, he  scratched that. To cover up his shame, he said he was only spreading that story to get the PLP to spend its money exhaust themselves and their resources then he would call the election.  He is now into summer and a new budget. He is now spreading the story that  he will call it in November when the tourists are back, the economy will be sweet. At one point it was August, just after the budget passed.  Well a clue came when Desmond Bannister, the Deputy Prime Minister, told the maverick FNM MP Frederick McAlpine that he would be gone after November. So eyes are now fixed on November.  Well our take is this: matters not. November, December, August, March, any month, his ass is gone.