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Ellsworth Johnson failed as a Minister for Immigration.  He failed as an MP.  But having failed in those roles, he now wants to be Chairman of the FNM. How he has approached matters shows the kind of character that he has.

Mr. Johnson is seeking to picnic off Fred Mitchell who has had not a word to say about Mr. Johnson.  First he went on TV unprovoked and said that the Prime Minister should remove Mr. Mitchell as Chairman.

There is no basis for saying it. The parties throughout the Caricom region have their Chairmen in the Cabinet.  The British Government does the same.

Then when that was not enough, he went on television and called Mr. Mitchell a sissy in order to  get brownie points on the TV show by Shenique Miller.

Mr. Miller who purports to be a journalist and TV talk show host never once reached out to Mr. Mitchell’s office on any occasion to ask for contrary or opposing views.  Cleary she is an FNM propagandist not a proper talk show host.

Then when Mr. Mitchell’s supporters struck back, they were all scrambling to the four winds. Even some PLPs were shocked at the nature of the strike back, worrying about what Mr. Mitchell said rather than the offensive action taken by Mr. Johnson.

Later in the week, Mr. Mitchell told the public that he has adopted the strategy of Cecil Wallace Whitfield  that he will not attack first but reserves the right to defend himself.

Mr. Mitchell’s office then asked Mr. Johnson how he could be so ungrateful when Mr.  Mitchell rescued him from jail when a student in Barbados.

Instead of leaving that matter alone, Mr. Johnson said he would go on the Miller show seeking to explain something which is absolutely irrelevant.

But a friend of the column said this is just seeking to get to become Chairman of the FNM at the expense of Mr., Mitchell .  The fact is the FNM has learned nothing from using that nastiness against now Prime Minister Brave Davis during the campaign. They lost using it but still thinks that it works.

The problem Mr. Johnson faces is that in his own party, his views are considered too dark to become Chairman.  So they will go with Duane Sands. Not Johnson.  He is in the wrong party.