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Prime Minister Perry Christie wrapping up the Budget Debate 2016.  Photo by Peter Ramsay.

Neko C Grant MP for Central Grand Bahama took issue with his Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis for leaving the House of Assembly at 2:30 in the morning before the Head to Head process was finished, during the Committee stage of the bills to enable the budget to be lawful on 23 June.   Mr. Grant said that Dr. Minnis abandoned ship and he did not believe his story that he was coming down with something.  He thought Dr. Minnis was faking it.  We don’t blame Dr. Minnis though.  The process is ridiculous.  What are MPs doing at 3 in the morning going through legislation that can easily be dealt with during the day?  It is simply embarrassing that after 43 years of independence this process of how budgets are passed and debated has not been reformed.  There is no reason to be staying in the House of Assembly for any reason beyond normal working hours.   So while, we agree that Dr. Minnis should not have left, we also think that the way it’s done has to change.