Why Would He Rejoice That A Man Is Fired?

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This is the reaction of one FNM supporter on line to the dismissal of a PLP from BAIC. Priceless. Carl Culmer Jr who is the FNM’s Chairman tried to justify by supporting this reaction on line with the comment that the employee in question used to work with the former Prime Minister Perry Christie and so should have resigned as soon as the Government changed.  Well the fact is Hubert Minnis, the now Prime Minister, told the employee that as long as he did not involve himself publicly in politics then he had no issue with him and dispatched him back to his original agency BAIC.  But like the promise Mr. Minnis made to the Leader of the Opposition about the two women in Eleuthera who were PLP and got fired despite his promise that nothing would happen to them and like the promise he made to Andrew Burrows about nothing happening to him, the promise was worth diddly squat.  That is the moral argument here.  But in any event why rejoice because someone lost their job.  But it’s the people’s time, we forgot.