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Some white Bahamian business people who live in Peter Turnquest’s East Grand Bahama constituency were all exercised a couple of weeks ago about the way Hubert Minnis is running the Government that they were for the first time considering, they said, a vote for the PLP. We all know that because of racism, they could not do it, but nice try. The have now begun to  tack as is  expected.  Hubert Minnis has apparently heard their cries and  has decided that Peter Turnquest will not get the nomination for the FNM. Instead, Kwasi Thompson, his new man at Finance, will get to run and defend the 1700 vote majority from the last election. So out Peter, in Kwasi and now the white Bahamians out east are all happy with the FNM again. They just won’t learn. It’s the policies not the person. No matter how much  the PLP does for this country, they just cannot bring themselves to admit that the wealth they have is because of the sound policies of the PLP.