Women’s Branch Denounces Bannister For Sexism

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Statement from the NP Women’s Branch of the PLP

On the unseemly behavior of the BPL Minister

26 August 2018



The New Providence Women’s Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party are appalled and cry shame on the Minister for BPL Desmond Bannister for his public savagery of the reputation of the former BPL chair, Mrs. Darnell Osbourne. The minister’s statement was sexist and we condemn it.


The issue for us and the country is whether Mrs Osbourne conducted her job with probity and integrity. The issue is not her applying facial makeup. For the Minister to go there as the first point was a deliberate effort to pollute the issue not by an appeal to the facts but by an appeal to prejudice against women. It seeks to trivialize the issue.


BPL’s issues have nothing to do with the former Chair being a woman. The Minister owes Mrs Osbourne and indeed all women in this country an apology for these sexist remarks.


If he does not then he gives the lie to the vaunted policy of the FNM that it supports women’s equality.

We urge all civic groups but especially all women’s groups to join  us in our call.