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In 2016 Hubert A. Minnis opined his position on Hurricane Assessments and Recovery, we can only seek to understand his belief today.Credibility is much like respect; it has to be earned. It takes time to lay the foundation for trust, and consistency to grow it into a solid reputation based on credibility.The future builds on the foundation of the past. The present defines the future.

Posted by C. Allen Johnson on Thursday, September 26, 2019

A video circulated last week on social media of the then Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis saying how the Opposition must be involved in the hurricane relief effort. What a difference a few years makes.  He is the Prime Minister now and he shows not a care in the world about the Opposition being involved in the hurricane relief effort.  It shows that you can’t believe a word he says.  He who criticized public travel by Ministers was up at the United Nations with his ministers surrounding him in his luxury hotel suite.