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In a file photo Candia Dames receives an award for Journalism.

The Young PLPs got up on their hind legs and did a number on Candia Dames of the Nassau Guardian, the likes of which we have never seen.  Congratulations to them on that.  It is very interesting this society.  It appears that people can do all kinds of violence to the reputation of public figures.  They can have no regard for the truth and savage the reputation of politicians but there is no accounting for the ethics of the journalist.  For years we have been in this column writing about the ethical standards of Candia Dames.  She has ignored it.  Her employers have ignored it.  The Nassau Guardian, a paper of record, should not in any circumstances be associated with the kind of shades of gray that come from that pen.  It is simply unacceptable and in any other publication she would have been fired.  The outrage then of the women and her students at COB who say they stand with her because her bedroom business was used to savage her reputation should go get a life.  The outrage is phony.  Pam Burnside, the widow of the architect, surprises us.  That outrage is also phony and tendentious.   

The most phony of all is the support given by a list of what Rex Nettleford would have called ladies of quality who say they are outraged at what they call slutshaming.  Now that is very interesting. By the way “ladies of quality” you know them: well educated, well coiffed, well spoken, perfect English, articulate very well, well driven, comfortable houses, and they feel for the “ordinary people”.  The problem with these ladies of quality is they have to ask themselves whether they have done Ms. Dames more harm than good. 

There is a parallel universe in media in The Bahamas.  Social media which forms the subtext of a belief system now.  Then there is the mainstream media which is supposed to be the truth.  When you go and out the social media stuff into the mainstream media you elevate it to a level of truth that cannot be denied.  Thus it seems to us that the ladies of quality by their campaign simply fed the trash talking and further ruined the dear lady’s reputation, th exact opposite of what they intended.  Everyone wants now to know what they are reacting to.   That is their business though.  Could not have happened to a nicer person?  A group of women defend Candia Dames but don’t say anything about her lack of ethics.  Is it a licence to lie and cheat to be female?