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buy viagra medicine times;”>As the year ends, cialis usa   Bahamians are forced to think of the bloodiest year in terms of murders ever in our country’s recorded history.  The number is now 145 as we go to print for those classified as homicides.  Each week seems to bring some new outrage.  It appears that the country has become insensitive to death.  The killers have guns and they have no compunction about using  them  and they have no fear of retaliation from the long arm of the law.  The response has been tepid and the law and order folks retreat behind their walls.  Two years ago today 4 Fox HIllians were gunned down and seven injured waiting for the Junkanoo results. Shaquille was 18 years old and had just left his mother after a day of fixing up his new barber shop to go for Chinese food,  died in the hail of bullets   am hour later in his mother’s arms.  She still wonders why her son who did nothing wrong ended up dead that night.  She must wonder like Sonia Dill whose son Khodee died after being stabbed to death at Paradise Island at the age of 16.  She must wonder like  Patricia Collins whose son was stabbed to death in a fight at Doris Johnson School.  She must wonder like  the mother of Ricardo Cunningham 21 years old who went to a party on  Christmas night and was never  seen alive again.  He had happened to have a bottle of Hennessey brandy.  Someone wanted some. They asked him and he refused. Whereupon he set upon by  boy’s intent on taking it away and ultimately as he tried to make good his escape he was shot dead like a dog in the grass in  full view of everyone. The killer did not run, didn’t tremble .  The killer calmly walked away.  The law abiding folks at the party scrambled and ran.  The neighbours say within minutes other people who w ere at the party came out of  the woodwork with their guns ready to take up defensive  positions.  That was Nassau on Christmas night.   What can we say: Happy New Year.