Sebas Must Be Careful

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cure times;”>This was a photo from the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, the Thomas Robinson Stadium.  The host was Sebas Bastian, the owner of Island Luck, the local gambling establishment.  He landed in a helicopter and supposedly people were there for a 100,000 dollar giveaway.  Mr. Bastian lives large and has taken on the persona of a very public tycoon. This is said by his allies to be a marketing strategy which will help encourage people to come and spend more of their money at his business establishment.  There is a lot riding on Mr. Bastian and his success.  We don’t mean in the sense of his being rich and famous for his own sake but for young Black Bahamian males who rise up from the so called wrong side of the tracks. The question is whether knowing this society, this kind of ostentatious over the top conduct helps or hurts.  The experience in this society is in the end it does you no good because of the envy or jealously that is in built in the culture of the society.  Experience tells most people who come into vast sums of money that the better course in the society is discretion.  In this case, it makes better sense to hide your light under a bushel. Perhaps one can take a page from these rich chonchy joes around The Bahamas, rich beyond imagination but hardly a word and certainly no visible presence.  They quietly go about their business. But youth is a phase that does not accept the counsel of discretion.  Like the old lady used to say: “you can’t tell them anything”.