A Lie Told On Shane Gibson

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Senator Fred Mitchell speaking at the  No Lie Last Forever Rally at Gambier House on 9 May said this about a story which appeared in The Punch and in The Nassau Guardian about the payment of medical expenses for Shane Gibson, the former PLP MP and Minister:

“… the FNM has leaked the private information in the form of a lie about a former Minister of the PLP who the FNM has put in chains before the courts.  The stories in the press about the former minister looking for charity is a complete fabrication and lie. The Government knows what the facts are, and what their contractual obligations are; they are not charitable obligations. In any event that former Minister is now a private citizen and the discussion of his affairs has no place in the public domain. But this is the kind of nastiness that the FNM and the adoring media specialize in. They can’t do anything but gossip.”