These Pastors Need To Stop About Carnival

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Hundreds of people joined in the festivities that comprised The Bahamas Carnival Experience over the weekend. On Saturday participants wore colorful costumes decorated with feathers and jewels as they marched through the streets for the road march.

Why would the Minister of Culture Michael Pintard waste his time trying to develop a code of conduct for the dress at Carnival.  This is the outturn of one imagines Raymond Wells, the Preacher from the Living Waters Church who spoke to the FNM at their empty church service last Sunday.  Pastor Raymond Wells was looking at women’s unshaven private parts at the Carnival and he thought that people were free to have their Carnival but not to have unshaven female private parts to display at the Carnival. This country could really waste time on foolishness.  Lord don’t stop the Carnival.  The Carnival is just that, the absence of restraint.  What a silly idea: a code of conduct.

Sunday 6 May 2018…

If you want to have carnival, have your carnival, but raise the standard.

“We ain’t want see your ‘boungy’.

“We ain’t want see your g-string.

“We ain’t want see your private, what ain’t shave.”