A Message From Sparky

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Someone by that name, who is obviously lost in space, was circulating an audio file in which he attacked Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill.  It appears that he was referring to a private voice one sent to Members of the Fox Hill PLP Branch advising them not to join the anti PLP , FNM march that was held on Friday 25 November in Nassau.  The individual used crude language and physical threats against the MP and the minister.  It is very curious in this day of age from the accountability, transparency, democracy people that they curse out the Minister because he exercised his free speech option, then they boo Leslie miller and don’t allow him to speak, when they say they are for free speech.  Of course in the dialogue of the deaf, there is no point in seeking any rational dialogue with these people in this false war they have started, there seems to be two kinds of people: rational people which most PLPs are and then there are jackasses idiots, ignoramuses and whatever else you want to call them who led that march and some of their supporters.  After listening to that crude commentary by Sparky, you decide which one he is.