A New U S Ambassador Coming?

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So Donald Trump has announced from the White House that he intends to nominate William Douglas III to succeed President Barak Obama’s Ambassador Nicole Avant as Ambassadors to The Bahamas.  Ambassador Avant left in 2011.  Mr. Douglas is the second Trump nominee.  The first one William Papa Manchester couldn’t get past the United States Senate and had to withdraw. He is the one who claimed that The Bahamas was for all intents and purposes a protectorate of the United States.  Mr. Douglas says that he is a long time visitor to The Bahamas mainly to Eleuthera where his grandfather, the late Juan Trip, the owner of Pan American Airways ( now defunct), invested in the Cotton Bay plantation now owned by Sir Franklyn Wilson.  He said he has been coming to The Bahamas since 1962 and most recently contributed to the building of a state of the art basketball court in South Eleuthera. The general election is to be held in November in the United States and if Trump loses, Mr. Douglas will have quite a short tenure if he can in fact even get confirmed.