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24 March 2023

( The Hard Consequences of the Stupidity Of Lincoln Bain)

Fred Mitchell shows a note that came from his office:

“Hi.. I just had two children from Sandilands Primary come to the office crying wanting to see you.. they haven’t been to school for the week because their mother was taken by Immigration on Saturday and is now at the Detention Centre and will be deported back if she can’t bring her passport which expired and they can’t apply for a new one because she’s not there to sign… They said “Pls tell him to help our mummy ” 

The back story is that the employer of their mother did not pay her work permit fee, so her permit had expired. She and her one year old baby were taken into custody at the Detention Centre and was set for deportation on Tuesday coming.  The intervention from the office resulted in her being paroled to regularize her status.