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The FNM MP for Long Island has become the first sitting Member of Parliament since Wilbert Moss was convicted of attempting to bribe a magistrate back in 1989  to be charged in the courts.  He too has been charged with bribery and also with money laundering. Reportedly 106 charges in all.  He had to spend the night in the clink while trying to make 150k bail.   He was represented by  Ellsworth Johnson, the former Minister for Immigration.  The Party’s Chair Dr. Duane Sands told FNM supporters not to be distracted the events.  This was a PLP diversion tactic, according to him.  The Leader of the Party Michael Pintard and the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis are on one page for once. They both agree to stand by Mr. Gibson saying that in The Bahamas you are innocent until proven guilty.  Mr. Gibson for his part says he has no intention of resigning.