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The Leader of the Opposition wrote to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the routine renewal of the US Visa offered and renewed on two previous occasions since the general election of  2017 to the Opposition’s spokesman for Foreign Affairs Senator Fred Mitchell. Everything was routine, except that there seemed to be a holdup  which could not be explained.  It was thought that the Americans might have been the reason. Turns out that the reason was that the Minister intervened and decided that the application should not be advanced because according to the Ministry there was no a precedent for the  visa for a Senator.  The information has not been confirmed but if that is the reason then it is obviously foolish in the face of it because they processed the visa applications on two previous occasions.  The more likely answer is political.  The Minister knows that he is considered a fool by the PLP, a useless party hack who has failed the people of Abaco, burying the dead from Dorian in a mass grave, a wannabe  preacher who has suffers from bumptiousness and  full of himself  but whether or not you are a fool, you should do your job dispassionately. Fortunately, he can count his reign in weeks. No doubt the Senator will live with yet another petty slight.