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The MP for Ft Charlotte Andre Rollins seems to have no redemption left in him.  Last week, viagra sales while everyone else was on the concordant note of hurricane relief in the House of Assembly when it met on 19 October. He was busy making mischief.  His beef to grab the headline this time was that Shane Gibson shouldn’t be made the Hurricane Czar because Shane Gibson is too political.  Jesus Christ, well who isn’t in the House of Assembly?  We all got there because of politics and all of us are looking out for our future. Mr. Rollins of course cannot demonstrate that Mr. Gibson being political has affected in the past or now the delivery of goods to all in need. SMT.  But at least he is now paying some attention to the constituents he abandoned during the term.  He posted this note on his Facebook page last week:

Ft. Charlotte constituents are advised that dumpsters are being strategically placed throughout the constituency to facilitate post-Hurricane Matthew clean-up. Residents are asked to take full advantage of these dumpsters while they are in their various communities.

The following areas of Fort Charlotte are due to receive dumpsters tomorrow: The Pitt Road Community; the corner of Marcus Bethel Way and Infant View Road; Providence Avenue in Chippingham; the corner of Farrington Road and Warren Street; and the Perpall Tract Community off of West Bay Street.