Another Bahamian In US Basketball?

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cialis usa click times;”>Former NBA star with two championship rings retired Los Angeles Laker Mychal Thompson, view a Bahamian, is sitting with his son Klay Thompson, of the Golden State Warriors, also of the US National Basketball League.  The younger Thompson is in the championship games of the U S professional league and Oswald Brown, press attaché at the Bahamas Embassy in the Washington had this to say on his Facebook page on Friday 5th June:

GOLDEN STATE’S BAHAMIAN CONNECTION: As much as I like LeBron James and realize what a wonderful story it would be if he could give Cleveland an NBA championship, like the vast majority of Bahamian basketball fans I’m pulling for the Golden State Warriors to win the 2015 NBA Championship mainly because of Klay Thompson, son of Bahamian former NBA superstar Mychal Thompson. Game 1 went into overtime Thursday night as Klay and the other half of the “Splash Brothers,” Stephen Curry, led the Warriors to a 108-100 victory. I’m predicting that the Warriors will win it all in six games.