Antonio Butler On Hazing

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ed times;”>The former College of The Bahamas Union of Students President Antonio Butler participated in a US Embassy sponsored event at the Harry C Moore Library of the College of The Bahamas on 24th    September. Theme of the Forum- “Hazing, Connection and The Violence of Belonging”. The Moderator was Yamaese Swain- Psychology Major, shown at the podium. The Panelists were Shonquell Burrows- Business Admin/ Accounting Graduate COB, Lavert Ross- MA International Relations Graduate Jilin University Beijing China, Michaela Stubbs- Biology/ Chemistry Graduate COB, Antonio Butler Jr.- MA Economic Development Student University of the Western Cape, South Africa.  The College of The Bahamas is about to become a University and many of the fraternities and sororities are seeking to come on to the campus and recruit members.  The problem is that hazing happens often in secret and young people agree to the abuse because they want to belong to something.  They think that Family Island students with no local support structures are particularly vulnerable.  The US Embassy and the College  wants to be proactive and encourage students to know that they have a  choice.