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best viagra cure times;”>Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill asked a member of his branch who is 27 to write his thoughts about how he sees things in The Bahamas and in his community and work environment.  Here is what he wrote.  As the PLPs leaders struggle with who is going to lead and where to go in the future, generic cialis purchase what you see below is instructive.  The letter writer’s anonymity is preserved:

cialis times;”>Good morning, 

You asked the other day “what’s going on in my world?” Well here is some food for thought basically in summary.  Keep in mind, I can elaborate on all the below.  

– Overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants crossing our borders

– Our people especially in the Fox Hill area are living in fear of all the gang violence, crime and corruption. 

– I look around and see that education to our kids now a days is not important. 

-Bahamar has taken a huge toll on our people especially the younger kids in my generation who were about to start work many for the first time. 

– For those paying attention Atlantis isn’t doing so well either. I  know of the many complaints, and people notice the departure of many of the leaders and senior management from all across the property. Not a good look. 

That’s just a small few, I always wanted a chance to bring forward all the gossip, that goes on around the country and at least bring suggestions. When you return, maybe I can listen you know what’s going on in my world a little more in depth. Like you said at our last meeting, we still have persons around in their 70’s and higher making real deal decisions. We need to better understand collectively our people’s needs although you may have an understanding, to make a better Bahamas for us all. I’m starting with you. 

Thank you sir.