Appeal To PLP Chairman About Trouble In Chub Cay

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Good afternoon Mr. Mitchell,

Congratulations once again.

I write to you this afternoon after speaking with some of our supporters in Chub Cay.  The developers of Chub Cay are presently engaged in actions which could be considered discriminatory with respect to labour. The owners are taking advantage of the whole 70/30 foreign to Bahamian workforce scheme.  Mr. Dial who is the general manager is resorting to tactics that are causing the Bahamian staff to get frustrated and quit. For example, traditionally Chub Cay Management would provide housing for all staff on the island with utilities being paid by the company. They have now told the Bahamian staff that they must pay the company for electricity use. They cannot have any guests (ie spouses, children) visit, no fraternization amongst staff. Long and short of it that they want to frustrate the Bahamians so that they could hire Mexicans.  I’ve been advised that there is one immigration officer in Chub Cay, however, directives are coming from Nassau to allow these foreigners into the country to work there.

All sorts of foolishness is happening down there. The manger has fenced off a portion of the island restricting access. For example, it is a private island where they pay for governmental services such as customs, police and immigration; however, how can you restrict access to law enforcement particularly if you have them there? I would wish for you to please look into what’s happening down in Chub Cay.