The FNM Is Tone Deaf In Freeport

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The people of Freeport mainly FNM supporters are not impressed with the work of the FNM Government under Hubert Minnis. They are annoyed that Grand Bahama is in the worse shape it’s been in recent times, worse than any time under the PLP.  The Prime Minister and his government continue to be tone deaf when it comes to Freeport.  On Saturday 21 October, the PM came to town to dance the night away at 175 dollars per ticket at a grand ball while people are sleeping in cars.  Then it appears that the Prime Minister loves the sound of sirens.  Whenever he is in town, you can hear the police motor cycles and sirens zipping up and down the town to the annoyance of its residence.  The interesting capstone to a recent visit was a picture that showed the Prime Minister trying to be a regular Joe by sitting in Wendy’s for breakfast only for the regular FNM crew when they saw him to get their stuff for breakfast and haul tail outside, leaving him to his own devices.