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viagra unhealthy times;”>There is a great disconnect with reality amongst the critics of what The Bahamas government has done with regard to Bahamar.  You have people like the mercurial Ian Strachan of the College of The Bahamas, buy viagra together with other critics from across the political spectrum from PLP to FNM, even at Cabinet level who keep saying that the government should step back and try to come to settlement with Sarkis Izmirlian over Bahamar. The COB Professor Ian Strachan suggested that as part of the deal, the Government should offer to pay the debts of the development which Sarkis Izmirlian woes to his Bahamian creditors.  The question is on what basis is this to be done and with whose money?  Further where is the money to come from?  The Bahamar ship has already sailed.  There is no stepping back from where we are.  The dispute is intractable and the matter is before the courts.  The fact is this was a plain out and out move to free the asset of all its contractual debts and walk away with the asset and start afresh.  That would not have served the best interests of the Bahamian people.  The question is also one of trust: who were you going to negotiate with, a man who proves that he says one thing does another.  We say again that ship has sailed.  We await the decision of the Justice of the Supreme Court on 4th September.