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General Glen VanHerck, who serves as US Air Force commander for the US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The press in The Bahamas quoted a U S General appearing before one of these endless committees in the U S legislature that China was seeking by the use of development assistance to buy influence with China against the United States. Here we go again.  No question that the Chinese want influence but so does the U S. The problem is the U S has not been forthcoming with developmental assistance and the only thing they care about is security money which has to do with people and drug smuggling into the U S.  So the entire Caricom region has turned to the Chinese. Certain elements in the US see that as undermining the US in the region. Thus far, nothing advanced by the Chinese has affected American national security. However, we hear the steady drumbeat of this stuff coming from US authorities, no doubt they want the Chinese gone from the region. The Chinese rep in The Bahamas struck back and said that The Bahamas should not be used as a stage for the contest between the U S and China. But where was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for The Bahamas. Not a word. Silent as lambs.  Nothing said.  Same thing about the  volcano that erupted in St Vincent. Up to this morning, not one word from The Bahamas government. This shambolic foreign policy  guided by Hubert Minnis and his incompetent Minister Darren Henfield is what we have. It is worse on the inside with  staff being recalled but no work to do.  With political staff going out contrary to the rules of  the service overseas. And those who are PLP are being sent to other ministries. Senior staff of either stripe are being disrespected no matter from what party.  The talk is that someone who has a reputation for not coming to work is now to become the permanent secretary; again because of party politics. The man who sits as the Minister is a preacher but did not it seems learn the creed: love thy neighbour.