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A smart and strong Kemp Road woman spoke for thousands of Bahamians on a New Providence based television station Friday,  16th April, 2021.  She noted that our people are not moved by FNM government representatives showing up for the cameras after the hurt, pain, and damage have slayed our communities.   Prime Minister Minnis and this failed FNM government remain sadly detached from the challenges being experienced by Bahamians everyday.   Our nation is witnessing the collapse of a government that rose to power on pretty promises and a load of lies.   Bahamians are jobless,  hopeless, terrified by lawless activities, and are being crushed by an uncaring and incompetent FNM government that cannot seemingly get anything right.  The hurricane Dorian and coronavirus excuses are worn out.  This Dr. Minnis led government has mismanaged our national crises.  Those who are now being ratified by the FNM to serve as 2022 general elections candidates clearly support Dr. Minnis’ dictator like leadership.  Bahamians cannot and will not support this ongoing fake  show being carried out by FNM parliamentarians just for votes.   Bahamians deserve better and they will get better by way of a Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper led PLP.   

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go.