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So a Bahamian posted a note about Rick Fox and his success. Another Bahamian immediately wrote and trashed Rick Fox claiming that he had done nothing to help The Bahamas along with Klay Thompson and his dad Mychal Thompson. This is what Lynden Pindling used to call “begrudgefulness”. The fact of Rick Fox’s success is a good thing for The Bahamas and Bahamians.  He need do nothing more.  He does not owe any of us individually anything.  He got there by dint of his talent. The fact is though he does contribute in all sorts of ways.  But that is really irrelevant.  He does not have to do so. This is an all-out Bahamian young man. It reminds us of the time when Sidney Poitier was honoured by naming the bridge to Paradise Island after him.  There were demonstrations against it. But when you look at the motivations behind the demos, all they wanted was to get their hands in the man’s pocket.  Like because you are successful, you must give people your money because they say they are Bahamian. As Hubert Ingraham would say:  “Chyle please !”