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One is married to the sister of the other: they are two peas in a pod. They serve in the Senate together.  Dion Foulkes, the Minister of Labour, has been on a vacation since he became the Minister.  His service as Minister of Labour has been less than stellar. The Attorney General Carl Bethel, well the losing cases are evidence of how he has performed.

They both said during the interactions last week on the Senate that they are done with public life. They proclaimed that this would be their last budget debate. First, we don’t believe them. Secondly, if that is the case, they will be doing the nation a favour.

Carl Bethel, as Attorney General and Leader of Government Business in the Senate, you get the impression that the institution means nothing to him. He rolls out of bed and the first thing that comes to his mind he does. So the Senate and the Office of Attorney General come off as haphazard and slip shod.

Then there is the  Labour Minister.  The best way to describe him is : missing inaction.  He hardly attended the sessions of the Senate. When he comes he wants to leave as quickly as possible. “ Let’s get out of here”, is his mantra.

The last of the troika of Ministers is the ambitious proselytizer, the true believer and cousin of the Prime Minister Kwasi Thompson.  He has two jobs that of Minister of State for Finance and Minister of State for Grand Bahama. Neither of them has anything to show for his time spent.  His usefulness is that the has the face of a cherub and the voice and timbre of a Baptist minister.  So he is the one who sings us sweet songs so that we can believe the nonsense and trash that the FNM is selling.

Bottom line, they are all lost.  Nothing showed that more than them singing from the same hymn sheet last week over the budget.  But they could not answer the question: if the FNM is doing such a  good job why is the country so unhappy?