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The rent a crowd division of the Opposition Free National Movement was busy on Wednesday 1 February 2023.  They had about fifty or so miscreants out on the streets busy shouting obscenities at the Prime Minister Philip Davis as he walked across Bay Street accompanied by armed police officers,  In the crowd could be found: Lincoln Bain, Maria Daxon, Richard Johnson, and Omar Archer.  They are all well-known miscreants, activists, and troublemakers.

They bussed people to the event.  The supposed protest that was being organized was for the purpose of protesting the lack of an immigration policy.  They were there to whip up hatred and conspiracy theories and lies about Haitians and immigration.

Here are the facts: there is no crisis on immigration in The Bahamas. All the institutions of the country are functioning and the immigration department is doing its job. Irregular migrants are being caught, and turned back at sea and those who make it to land are being repatriated.   The Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Immigration Department are functioning.

The people who were outside the House making the noise, cursing the Prime Minister, and one threatening to assassinate him had no jobs.  If they had jobs, they would not have been on the street that morning making all that noise.

The police did not do a good job at security, allowing the crowd to gather at the very point where the Prime Minister had to cross the street to get into the House of Assembly.

The police even allowed two of the miscreants Bain and Daxon to come into the House of Assembly without being searched, even though we know Lincoln Bain has a propensity for violence.

Now the FNM has a video going around, one and half years into the term with their rent a crowd from that day saying “Davis gatta go”.

We do not think that the PLP is taking this seriously enough.  These folks must be stopped dead in their tracks by a combination of aggressive policing and adept politics.  We seem to be concentrating on neither but just tumbling along, relying on the goodwill of voters.  The past has shown that voters in The Bahamas are easily manipulated.

Hubert Minnis showed up at the end of the House session and created a fuss.  This was the capstone of the day.  It is clear that the rent a crowd was there to support that effort. 

So all this hatred, bile, and disorder should be laid at the feet of Minnis, Bain, Daxon, Archer and Johnson.  They fomented it. They led it. They paid for it. The police ought to look at the video and prosecute everyone involved in the insurrection and racism and hate speech that day.

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