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Darnell Osbourne fired Board Chair with Minister Desmond Bannister.


Photo said to be Minister Desmond Bannister with his buddy on the Board and who he appointed Executive Director Patrick Rollins

It has read like a soap opera. The FNMs are fighting like cats and dogs amongst themselves.  It all began with Minister responsible for relations with the Bahamas Power and Light Company Desmond Bannister telling the public that he was dismissing the entire Board of the company.  The Board was headed by one of former numbers man Eugene Toote’s granddaughters Darnell Osbourne, a professional accountant.  By all accounts she was cleaning up the mess and getting somewhere but it turns out that she ran into resistance by a group of people hired and appointed by the Minister.  Once she ran into that interference and stopped whatever they were doing, her goose was cooked.  The Minister’s dismissal note to the public left Mrs. Osbourne no choice but to answer.  She answered directly.  The clear imputation of what she said was the minister was protecting some corrupt acts and corrupt individuals. The Minister did not take that lightly, he struck back with an allegation that she had charged the corporation to apply her make up.  That was sexist and the PLP should condemn it as such.  It turns out that this was not true at all. The invoice he showed the public was not to Mrs. Osborne’s account and the makeup he was talking about was for the general photo shoot for a promotional brochure for the BPL.  In any event it was de minimus.  That is Desmond Banister though, he strikes at the heart of nastiness in order to get over.  Mrs. Osbourne did not sit on that either.  She struck back with a long explanation which was carried thoroughly in the press debunking every single allegation of the Minister.  By week’s end, the Prime Minister called for Mrs. Osborne and her allies to come and discuss the matter with him.  He then said he would order an investigation.  Of course such an investigation would be useless. Caesar appealing to Caesar.  From the sidelines the PLP should be saying to themselves: ‘look what ya could get when ya tired of what ya gat.”

You may click here for the statement by Mrs. Osbourne.