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discount viagra times;”>Greg Moss MP has gone overboard from the sublime to the ridiculous. Mr. Moss claims that there is an improper motive by MPs to pass the bills to amend the constitution and in particular bill number four (4).

Greg Moss cannot speak for any Member of Parliament except himself. It is well known that he who shouts the loudest on sexuality may have issues themselves with which they have to deal. If so he must seek the appropriate help but not project his insecurities on others.

Mr. Moss should recall that these bills originated with the Constitutional Commission, not with MP’s or the government or the opposition.

Further, the bills had the direct involvement of the Church through extensive consultation.

Mr. Moss insults the intelligence of all Members of Parliament with his latest statement. The bills passed unanimously in the Senate and by a large bipartisan majority in the House.

Mr. Moss’ comments are not only reckless and irresponsible but patently false.

The fact is bill number four does not open the door to same sex marriage and any such position is perverse.

Having been embarrassed in his legal position by a distinguished QC who debunked the nonsense of Mr. Moss, he continues to spread false rumours and propaganda.

It is clear that Mr. Moss does not believe in equality for women. He must confess that instead of making up stories as a smokescreen.