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best cialis times;”>Greg Moss, the misogynist Member of Parliament, elected on the PLP’s ticket in the last general election has said more idiotic things than you can shake a stick at over the time that he has been in Parliament since 2012.  You have to begin to question his judgment when you consider how he could take a secure position as a new MP and within of months wreck his whole political career.  That was a question of judgment.   Lately you have to question his intellect when you have heard some of the things he has said.  Not only is he a misogynist but he is also a homophobe. He has grown up in a generation where gay men and women are all around him.  He know that there is absolutely no such thing as a “gay agenda”. He also knows that gay people or those from the  LGBT community generally pose no threat to him, his children or his wife or the general population at large.  There is no such thing, he knows, as a gay lifestyle.  It is just a life.  People go to work each morning. They live their lives.  They want the material things in life and the comforts that other Bahamians want.  Nothing unusual, except now you have an MP first elected as a PLP who is targeting gay people as the reason he is not voting yes for bill number 4 in the referendum.  He says like some stupid preachers who are supporting him that he believes that bill number 4 if passed will lead to same sex marriage.  It will do no such thing.  If bill number four does not pass, the Parliament can tomorrow pass a law which allows women to get less pay than men, and to prohibit women from activities  like getting a driver’s licence which men can have.   

What Mr. Moss did last week when he claimed that Bill Number 4 is being passed by  MPs who are gay to validate their lifestyle is so ignorant and stupid, it defies logic in responding to it.  He is a sad case.  He is a great disappointment.  We support the statement of Bradley Roberts issued on 22 April and published in this column that when people start making an issue of this gay stuff all the time, you have to ask yourself if they have some kind of problem that they need to deal with.  The cases of Greg Moss MP,  Renward Wells MP and Andre Rollins MP  are ones for which the PLP will have to do penance.  The people of their constituencies were badly served by them and the PLP.  The PLP promised that they would be sensitive to the needs of poor people; that they would move to assist the down trodden.  Instead, they have proven to be ambitious to a fault,  full of their own self-importance and so self-absorbed that they cannot see the forest for the trees. In short these men let the PLP down and they let the country down.  And now they have a voice to project, all the stupid prejudices which they have in their minds on the world and Bahamian stage.  They must all be defeated and the genies put back in the box.