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25th October 2016

FNM is a stranger to transparency…period

Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party

Hubert Minnis is in the media again pretending to care about transparency and the public interest but where was Hubert Minnis on the international embarrassment the FNM caused The Bahamas with the revelations of the secret and corrupt BEC deal with French energy giant Alstrom under the watch of the FNM government? Also, viagra usa to this day Minnis remains silent on the beneficial ownership of his former cabinet colleagues in the Arawak Cay Container Port and further, who could forget the cloud of secrecy surrounding the sale of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) to Cable and Wireless, one of the worst deals ever involving the Bahamas government.

Even in opposition the FNM leader is involved in secret sordid, questionable, corrupt and controversial relationships. To this day Minnis could not explain his relationship and that of his disgraced former chairman Michael Pintard with Toggie and Bobo, characters that Dr. Minnis called gangsters and criminals from his feet in Parliament.

For years Dr. Minnis pretended to have the infamous Letter Of Intent (LOI) and vowed not to rest until he got to the bottom of the LOI only to sweep it under the proverbial carpet when Renward Wells helped to save his political life from a “rear-guard ambush” from within his party. When it comes to Dr. Minnis, his personal political interests will always take precedence over everything else. More evidence exist is his secret and apparent “quid pro quo” deal and relationship with Sarkis Izmirlian that smacks of corruption, raises serious ethical credibility questions and strikes at the foundation of the integrity of our electoral democracy.


As for Baha Mar, the position of Dr. Minnis is well known: He supported Baha Mar’s bankruptcy filing in Delaware on 29th June 2015; he strenuously opposed the sovereignty of The Bahamas and the independence of The Bahamas Supreme Court in adjudicating the bankruptcy of Baha Mar and he opposed initial salary payments to the Bahamian employees of Baha Mar. THESE ARE ALL FAILED POLICY POSITIONS TAKEN BY DR. MINNIS; THESE ACTIONS DEMONSTRATE POOR LEADERSHIP DECISION MAKING AND ARE HARMFUL TO THE INTERESTS OF THE BAHAMAS AND ITS PEOPLE! TO DATE MINNIS HAS MADE NO ATTEMPT TO DEFEND HIS POSITION BECAUSE HE KNOWS IT IS INDEFENSIBLE! 

As for the Christie administration, two of the government’s three primary objectives have been achieved with remobilization efforts well underway and with payments being made to former employees and unsecured Bahamian contractors. The Bahamas government looks forward with confidence to achieving its third primary objective which is the sale of the assets to a reputed hotel and casino operator and opening of the resort all in the interest of the Bahamian people.