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Description: DNA Leader Branville McCartney. 

15 June

The man who opposed equality for women in The Bahamas, following the silly imploring of Dame Joan Sawyer who claimed that the constitutional amendments would have opened the door to same sex marriage, told the press in The Bahamas that he would be open to civil unions.  Not a peep from those lousy preachers. Double standard.   Wonders never cease and you say anything for a headline or votes.  Here is what he told Rashad Rolle of The Tribune in his own words:

 “I think people should have rights but that’s a very touchy situation and something I can’t see happening right now, civil unions and gay marriage. For me personally, when it comes to marriage I have a difficulty. But we must always be careful with rights for people.” 

 “I have many friends who are lesbians and gays. It’s the world we live in. I pray to the Almighty that we exercise tolerance and we don’t put ourselves in the seat of judgment and we are not there to judge anybody. We cannot be judge and jury because they may have a different way of life. We should not discriminate against a person because he is gay.”