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PLPs have appeared on Jeff Lloyds radio show because they believed that here was an opportunity to be given a fair chance at explaining the government’s policy and the PLP’s position on various matters.  Now it appears that this was just a pretense to give legitimacy to his programme.  Turns out that we have an FNM ideologue who was hiding his light under a bushel all the time.  Curious that the PLP has given nothing but respect and opportunity to Mr. Lloyd throughout his professional life but that was not enough so he has now formally denounced the PLP and the Prime Minister to boot.  What a country we have?  Who can you trust?  We have another example in Romi Ferreira who works for Breakfast At Sunrise but who is an FNM candidate and ideologue for Save The Bays.  Neither The Guardian or Breakfast At Sunrise should have these folk continue to work for them given their new positions, but this is The Bahamas and that rule of self-dealing goes only for PLPs. Here is what Mr. Lloyd was reported as saying on the talk show of Ortland Bodie.  Mr. Lloyd ought to have disclosed that he worked for Sarkis Izmirlian and so is not a disinterested party in the matter on which he comments: 

 “I want to say this to the Chinese I want to make this very clear to the Chinese.

When I become the prime minister of the Bahamas, and I want you to understand this, I don’t care what you have agreed with Mr. Christie, that deal, that contract, on the day I become prime minister will be cancelled.

“Here is a government, and here is a prime minister, who is scraping for their political lives. 

 “They are in this moment I believe seeking some kind of accommodation with the Chinese. They are right now I believe doing some type of negotiations with the Chinese. 

 “I believe that this government does not have the moral authority to negotiate a single thing on our behalf with anybody until such time as an election is called and a new mandate is given by the representatives of the people. 

 “It is quite clear that Bahamians no longer have faith. This administration has failed on a myriad of issues.”