Brent To Chippie : I Want My Seat Back

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cialis usa sickness times;”>Senator Carl Bethel, best cialis pilule former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette and Secretary General of the FNM Michael Foulkes share a laugh.

There are continued rumblings in the FNM as Dr. Hubert Minnis seeks to consolidate his position as Leader of the Party.  According to a post by Lincoln Bain who hopes to get the nomination for Pinewood for the FNM, Loretta Butler Turner has drunk the kool aid and has agreed not to challenge Dr. Minnis for Leader of the FNM.  We reported last week that Dr. Minnis plans to resist any call for an FNM convention which is being set up by Hubert Ingraham supporters to challenge Dr. Minnis again. One of Mr. Ingraham’s agents said the following:  Trust me by November Hubert Minnis will not be leader of the FNM.”  Up in the photo you see the former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette sharing a laugh with Carl Bethel and Michael Foulkes.  The laugh may be at the expense of Hubert Chipman, the now MP FNM for St Anne’s.  He has been told by Mr. Symonette that he wants the seat back St Anne’s that Mr. Symonette occupied before the general election.  The branch of the FNM which has the initial say has said they prefer Mr. Symonette and Dr, Minnis is not minded to interfere.  Oh well!