Hubert Minnis Leader Of The FNM Continues His Campaign

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buy viagra store times;”>Lincoln Bain, the putative FNM candidate for Pinewood posted this on his Facebook page on Friday 31st July: Dr Minnis gave an inspiring speech last night that was met with roaring applause and a unanimous standing ovation! The entire leadership team declared their support for Minnis. LBT declared her support for Dr Minnis and said that she is not going to challenge him for the leadership.

Even as the Hubert Ingraham forces in the FNM was predicting that Dr. Minnis would be gone y November, Fr. Minnis appeared at church with a crowd around him as the photos shows.  Seems like: “say what you like, do what you like, still gat them going his way.”  The photo was taken outside St, Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on 26th July.