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With the tepid announcement last week that the police found no evidence of wrongdoing in what was widely described as a corrupt and an abuse of state power by the newly elected FNM government in the arrest and detention of over eight BAIC employees including its chairman, there are talks that the commissioner did not authorize the arrests – that the order of intimidation came from the political directorate.

This is odd because there was no Minister of National Security on the 11th May 2017 so who in the FNM was giving orders and who on the police force were accepting these orders? It is important and instructive to point out yet again that it is corrupt to use official agencies of the state to execute the political persecutorial activities of the political directorate of any government. Former National Security Minister the Hon. Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt preached the doctrine of neutrality on the police force. There are rumblings in the public domain that the current National Security Minister is interfering with the day to day operations of the police force. The public cannot afford to lose confidence in its principal law enforcement agency. Law Enforcement Officers are to resist any and all appearances of political interference and instructions contrary to the Police Act and force orders. The social stability of a nation is predicated to a great extent on a neutral law enforcement agency and a neutral judiciary.

Further, with much injury done to the reputation of those wrongly accused, arrested and detained, there is no apology forthcoming from the FNM government. The Prime Minister insisted he had nothing to do with the arrests and that he presides over an honest and transparent government. The National Security Minister was mute and the media was disinterested in investigating this unusual and irregular use of state power. The handling of the BAIC matter was political intimidation, pure and simple. That is not the manner in which reported theft by reason of employment is handled. There is no precedent for it.

And where is Dame Joan Sawyer, the clergy, the media, talk show hosts and political pundits who just literally days ago were all clamoring for Mr. Christie and the PLP to apologize to the nation for everything under the sun? Apparently, they all lost their collective voice so their call for the PLP to apologize was driven strictly by politics and not based on principle. Ah well. Do we have that many cats in The Bahamas?! Nobody standing up on a point of principle anymore?! Go figure.

Many of these same people are participating in some big-time conference on “GOOD GOVERNANCE” yet could not recognize good governance if it stared them in the face.

Is the FNM government arrogant? You bet they are very arrogant because in their minds, they are never wrong and when things go horribly wrong in the country under their watch, it is never their fault; just read the Finance Minister’s response to Moody’s downgrade notification.

The arrest and detention of the former Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett is a continuation of the FNM’s practice of political vilification and demonization. Senator Mitchell told a group of Liberal Caucus members last week that the FNM is exercising their brand of political power. The leader of the PLP characterized it as “victor’s justice.”

We have seen this story before with commissions of inquiry being held after the 1992 and 1997 general elections where great state resources were used to vilify the PLP and no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered.

The actions of the FNM government has absolutely nothing to do with justice or cleaning up corruption in government because the PM is a self-dealer; his Tourism Minister confessed to defrauding the Customs Department; Minnis claimed the LOI scandal was a game changer; his Culture Minister resigned from the senate after being caught in a murder for hire plot and the Florida State Supreme Court ruled that the FNM member for Golden Gates was guilty of impropriety in the handling of his client’s funds.

How does Prime Minister Minnis propose to reconcile his anti-corruption stand with the number of ethically challenged and compromised characters that comprise his cabinet and parliamentary caucus? I propose that he simply cannot so this exercise at great taxpayer expense is a farce designed only to achieve a decidedly narrow, selfish and partisan political objective.


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This photograph was taken by Dr. Hubert Minnis’ personal staff and circulated around the country. It could only have been meant to embarrass the Governor General. The down market gossip newspaper The Punch had a field day the day after independence by suggesting that the Prime Minister was furious because he was left out of the cake cutting. Indeed he was both furious and left out of the cake cutting.

But here’s the thing. It should never have happened. All the public officials who were there from top to bottom knew that what was happening was wrong and were so swamped it seems by propriety, the moment and protocol that no one thought to just stop and get the Prime Minister to where he was supposed to be. He was in the holding room upstairs.

The official inquiries and recollections and changes to protocol and directions will in due course be made but we have to ask the Leader of the Opposition Dr Hubert Minnis if he really thought he ought to have gone ahead without the Prime Minister present. You have to ask yourself would the Prime Minister Perry Christie have taken that cheap shot and cheap advantage and gone ahead and taken a picture with the Governor General without Leader of the Opposition present, knowing that the Prime Minister was right upstairs in the drawing room where he left him?

The Prime Minister would not have done it. But that is the morality of this new generation of politicians. They have none.

This is what we call a cheap shot. It is worrying feature of Dr. Minnis and the way he conducts business. He goes to a funeral and does not know what to say in the face of an event which is not political. Despite all that Leslie Miller says about him being a common man’s friend, The Bahamas does not like common conduct. There is a standard which the Leader of the Opposition, our potential Prime Minister is to exercise. Not to be boorish and taking cheap shots which get you nowhere.

As we said, all the officials should have known better. But the Leader of the Opposition could well have stood tall by saying: “No Madam, we should find the Prime Minister and await his coming to cut the cake.”

Instead he didn’t. He ran up, snapped the shot and then spread it throughout the country to the embarrassment of the Governor General.

The FNM is about to choose him for Leader. What he did at Government House was an unbecoming that act. We think that Loretta Butler Turner has run a bad campaign; should not be leader of the FNM because of her temperament and worst of all because she the granddaughter of Milo Butler our Black champion and the first Bahamian Governor General seems now beholden to the racist Bay Street element of the FNM which includes Richard Lightbourn and Brent Symonette.

These people are clueless and live in the past. She has what many call a set of super Toms that is Uncle Toms with a capital T, supporting her. The main one is Duane Sands who in Saturday’s Guardian was a bloody apologist for Brent Symonette. Another is Richard Lightbourn the FNM MP who said that The Bahamas is not ready for a University of The Bahamas and we cannot compete at the world level.

How sad.

They are slashing and burning one another. It could not have happened to a finer bunch. But let’s bear in mind after that picture taking episode that the champion of the poor Minnis may be, but the content of his character is called into question when he pulls a cheap stunt like that picture taking episode with the Governor General. 

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The FNM doll house always looks in these times as if it’s going to break apart in little fractures.  That was the message that Hubert Minnis, the FNM Leader, under siege, would have or could have told Brent Symonette, the former Deputy Prime Minister who is raising the money to defeat Mr. Minnis at the next convention.  The two of them were seen at lunch on Thursday 16th June.   Mr. Minnis told Mr. Symonette in our words to get on board the Minnis’ train at the FNM convention in July or face certain annihilation from Perry Christie and the PLP who will call a snap election.

The whole problem with that threat is that the mind of UBPs doesn’t work that way.  The Bay Street Boys of which Brent Symonette is the quintessential example don’t take kindly to a black man, excuse us, black boy threatening them, and will resist just to be bloody minded.  In other words, they would prefer to see Perry Christie back in power just to see Dr. Minnis lose.

The plans for the upcoming convention in July don’t seem to be going that well.  The Chairman of the party Sidney Collie has been under siege from unnamed sources in the press and some FNM Councilors who said that they were being kept in the dark about the plans for the convention. Among those who are unhappy is Loretta Butler Turner who said so to the press.

Then there was André Rollins.  The photo above shows him sitting with Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, with note pad in his hand. That was taken last Sunday at the MacDonald’s where they all hang out.   Mr. Rollins delivered his usual halting halfcocked performance in the House for the budget debate on Thursday 16 June.  The government had to interrupt him to say he was misleading the House when he says that there is deal to grant citizenships to 500 Chinese and that there was a back door deal to work out with the Chinese.

The Chinese have become the bugaboo for the election.  Their capital was invited here under Hubert Ingraham but now their capital because of their race is not acceptable.

Mr. Rollins said that if the FNM came to power they would cancel the Bahamar deal that the PLP made just before the election.   Yeah right. 

The leader of the FNM did not contradict him so we guess that is the official policy of the FNM.   The FNM is playing with fire.

Mr. Rollins did not get started very well. He was told either apologize for not coming and speaking in turn or he would not be allowed to speak. He did so.  He tried to mislead people by suggesting that he was in touch with the Leader of Opposition business in the House. Neko Grant who is that leader said he was not aware of any such thing.  Mr. Rollins then has a problem with the truth.

Then there was the contretemps between Sir Arthur Foulkes and C A Smith. Both were founding MPs for the FNM. Both served in the FNM’s cabinets.  Both have served overseas for the country.  But in a remarkable letter published on this site last week, Mr. Smith attacked Sir Arthur Foulkes accusing him of being a ghost writer for the Nassau Guardian. Sir Arthur denied it.  When the Guardian denied it, Mr. Smith issued an abject apology.

In the words of the man on the street:  “Wah going on here?”

Tell you wah goin on.  The FNM is in disarray and fighting like cats and dogs.  Seems like never the twain shall meet.

But let us put our standard warning.  The PLP should not hang its hopes on that.  The public is not paying attention to them.  They are paying attention to the PLP.  The evidence is that people vote against governments and don’t care who they elect.  It isn’t that important to them once the people who they dislike are out.

A word to the wise.

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cialis times;”>Description: http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/uploads/7/LG-BDB-Chairman_-Mr.-Darron-B.-Cash.jpg 

Darron B Cash, former Chair of the FNM, had this to say about the leadership issues in the FNM. We think he is talking too much and is doing the very same thing that he condemns in this statement. Here is what he told The Tribune published on 2nd June in his own words:

 “It should not have come to this. It is honestly saddening that it has come to this, but what it reflects is the complete failure of leadership. It is the leader’s job fundamentally to harmonise all the various groups within the organisation; that’s the leader’s job. It’s his job to make sure elections are done in a manner that is fair to all sides and so the party’s affairs do not spill into the public domain with threats of legal action; to iron out differences, however acute, however difficult, however personally challenging. It’s the leader’s job to make sure that issues are resolved in a way that still maintains confidence in the party… 

 “If the expectation is that you will address issues in council, then it goes to leadership if council is a place where you are attacked for expressing a point of view, attacked for stating the obvious. Nothing was done, no dealing with the underlying issues. If it would have happened, I fully believe we would not be here. A national political party should never be surprised that it loses a general election. If it’s doing its job properly, and has people in central leadership and central council prepared to honestly be a conduit for feedback from the wider community and its people, it will always know when it’s losing touch with people. 

 “If council is not a place where people can speak openly and honestly on what the word on the street is then leaders will always act in a delusional state as if nothing is wrong and all is fine. When people are afraid to speak the truth because they are afraid of being attacked, vilified, or demonised, then the only voices you will have are from the people saying that all is well, things are good.” 

 “This country is in a position where we have got a large number of significant issues that will require difficult, painful, challenging, disruptive solutions for the entire country. You can just imagine what Cabinet debates will be like when in the midst of making difficult and painful decisions. A leader has to demonstrate now that when he is in Cabinet, corralling his heard of cats who sit around table, it’s his job to demonstrate he has the ability to bring unity, to rally people around right choices. 

 “If you’re not able to do it in opposition, people have legitimate reason to doubt when in the heat of battle and the country is under siege, when (there is) murder on the streets day after day, whether you’re able to effectively deal with it.”


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buy cialis try times;”>sarkis

drugstore times;”>Sarkis Izmirlian

ampoule times;”>Not every good bye is gone in the case of Sarkis Izmirlian.  Now get this even though the courts have ruled against him in Nassau, he still is pretending that he runs his company.  The action for bankruptcy was dismissed by the Courts in Delaware on Tuesday 15 September. Mr. Izmirlian still wrote another letter to further confuse his employees. What is more confusing though is the legal point: what is he doing writing on the letter head of Bahamar?  He is no longer in control of that company.  How does he get to do anything on their letterhead?  The Courts need to bring that to his attention forthwith and remind him he is a turkey, baked and done.  He says that the opportunity to settle the issue in his mind has evaporated.  Well! Well !Well! Lost your life’s work eh?  How about going and sulking behind the doors of Lyford Cay and licking your wounds and thinking about  that misguided strategy of yours that caused the problem in the first place.  Mr. Izmirlian keeps blaming everyone but himself as the author if his own destruction.  There is little sympathy for him. The other point that is misleading in his latest letter is that the Government of The Bahamas owes him money. Not.  The money that is being paid for the employees is  the extent of the debt on the road works and has been fully satisfied.  Those monies are not for expatriate employees.  Bahamians only.  Meanwhile, the China Export Import Bank announced in the week of the dismissal of the action in Delaware that they will continue to support the project.  This is good news.  Now if we only get Mr. Izmirlian to shut up and go away.  And take Dionisio D’Aguilar with him who has the same foot in mouth disease on Bahamar, then perhaps we can get about the business of   getting the project up and running.  The latest from Sarkis Izmirlian is shown below.  It is meant to elicit pity and  to confuse: 

bahamar 1

Fred Smith Continues With Stupid Commentary

08/30/15 2 PM

viagra sale unhealthy times;”>Fred Smith who has specialized in crazy, sickness quacky unbalanced and extreme statements now has the nerve to say that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell is speaking in extremes.  It was not Mr. Mitchell who accused the government of running Auschwitz in The Bahamas. That was started by Fred Smith. Mr. Smith has not apologized. He is not credible.  His comment borders on lunacy. He ought to go get a life.  The picture should tell you who is unhinged and extreme.


Hubert Minnis Leader Of The FNM Continues His Campaign

08/02/15 1 PM

buy viagra store times;”>Lincoln Bain, the putative FNM candidate for Pinewood posted this on his Facebook page on Friday 31st July: Dr Minnis gave an inspiring speech last night that was met with roaring applause and a unanimous standing ovation! The entire leadership team declared their support for Minnis. LBT declared her support for Dr Minnis and said that she is not going to challenge him for the leadership.

Even as the Hubert Ingraham forces in the FNM was predicting that Dr. Minnis would be gone y November, Fr. Minnis appeared at church with a crowd around him as the photos shows.  Seems like: “say what you like, do what you like, still gat them going his way.”  The photo was taken outside St, Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on 26th July. 


Myles Munroe’s Self- promotion Exercise Continues

11/02/14 1 PM

generic cialis decease times;”>Myles Munroe, sick the anti-gay preacher, order was at it again.  This time  we resisted showing you the picture of him in his “private” jet flying from South Africa to Tanzania or better yet from Jo’berg to Dar-es-Salaam.  When he landed there for one of his fabled leadership seminars with all the officialdom bowing down before him so he says, he also ran into surprise surprise the evil one.  That’s right, just fresh from  sharing the wonders of democracy with the people of Mozambique Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister and his sidekick Dr. Ronnie Knowles was able to there to mug for the camera with Dr. Myles.  Anit God a good God.