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6 June 2021

Today, I must forgo part two of the budget until next week.

It has become patently clear that that Prime Minister, Dr. Minnis and the FNM government is in deep political trouble and their Puppet Masters are concerned that the Bahamian people have had enough of this FNM administration that they shamelessly pandered to. The oligarchs that finance the campaigns of this FNM coalition find themselves out of time; and, unable to complete their greedy master plan of gobbling up the patrimony of this country. They have internal posters telling them that on the present trajectory this puppet government will lose badly.

The PLP on the other hand, like the children of Israel, after being chastened in May 2017 by the Bahamian people is a chastened party, having reconnected with its core supporters, the average man. The PLP, notwithstanding its human frailties and weaknesses, is the party at its core believe in social justice for all: its core values are grounded in scriptural principles that in governance, “looking out for the least of these among us”, the protection of the working class, and finally, that the Bahamian unapologetically should be “first” in his own country. These are timeless principles that form the bedrock belief system of the Progressive Liberal Party. The PLP, then, is the only organization that stands in the way of these greedy Puppet Masters. Bahamians from Inagua in the South, to Grand Cay in the North now see in clear terms the differences between the FNM and PLP. These are the unvarying principles that separate PLP from all other political organizations.

It now appears the FNM coalition has devised a strategy taken from the letters of Willie Lynch’s letter, “The Making of a Slave.” Exploit the differences between the slaves for example, a commonly used phrase “People are not into Brave” and “people are not feeling Brave” this is nothing more than code words of the elite house slavès thinking that Brave Davis’ complexion is too dark for Brave to be leader of the Bahamas. Make no mistake, if Chester Cooper were the leader, there would be another variation of this same message. Think about it, how is it no one ever questions the intellect of the PLP leader,, Davis? This, then, is the greatest hurdle leader Davis must confront in 2021. What a dreadful State of Affairs. His complexion, not his character, or intellect poses the problem.

Strategy number two, fund other political parties, i.e., Trojan horses. Is it not strange that the PLP holds 5 seats in the House of Assembly, and the government’s FNM coalition holds 34, nevertheless, these extra parties relentlessly and consistently attack the PLP. It is patently clear that mischief is afoot. The question is, where is the funding coming from for these political activists pretending to be political parties that are consistently attacking Brave Davis and the PLP in an attempt to cast doubt while, seemingly, giving the government a pass.

Finally, in Grand Bahama when a government buys a hotel the country can least afford, and then turn around and buy an airport, leaves the Rand Memorial Hospital unfinished and treat it as a low priority, a Discerning public now realizes that the Puppet Masters are pulling our leaders strings. Wait and see who or what groupings will eventually own the hotel in Grand Bahama, and the airport. These are the things the party should seriously consider highlighting, and treat the rest of the coalition political parties like the FNM’s as they really are.

Brian Seymour