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In 2054 the Hawksbill Creek Agreement comes to an end. Like Hong Kong, the government of Bahamas will take full control of the City of Freeport. The long lens of History will not treat this FNM Administration kindly.

This duly elected “it’s the people’s time” government of the Bahamas has been outwitted once again for a second time in four years while the Grand Bahama Port Authority and its Airport managing partner Hutchison laughs all the way to the bank with the insurance money paid out for the hurricane damaged Freeport International Airport; and we, the Bahamian people, have become the Conch.

The taxpayers of the Bahamas are now saddled with a 60-million dollar restoration bill to bring the Freeport International Airport back to reasonable pre hurricane

Dorian International standards. This is truly a shameful Act of weakness on the part of The People’s Time FNM government.

4 years ago the people of Grand Bahama chose as their representatives 5 FNM fairly well spoken an ordinarily delightful personable individuals as our members of parliament. Missing however from those attributes and needed for the business of government and public policy are the essential attributes of Courage and it’s companion Wisdom. This it turns out these qualities are lacking in four of the MP’s.

Embedded in the Hawksbill Creek Agreement is the provision that the GBPA would be responsible for operating a International Airport at the Port Authorities expense until 2054. To date, not one

Minister of the government was man, or woman enough to demand of the Port to fulfil their fiduciary responsibility and restore the airport. This is Proof positive Cowardice telegraphed to all substantial investors in this country.

It is not unreasonable to draw this conclusion that our government is severely compromised; or, our Representatives are severely lacking the acumen, courage, and wisdom needed to face big money interest. Notwithstanding this massive failure of leadership, these men and women are now shamelessly presenting themselves at our front doors, and in our yards asking us to vote for them again.

People of Grand Bahama,we deserve better.

Brian Seymour