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UBP Alive And Well

In May 2017, a rebranded racist United Bahamian Party recreated itself fifty (50) years after being vanquished in 1967 by the political force what stood for equality and social justice. The PLP.

The Progressive Liberal Party never fully appreciated that political power without economic empowerment was no power at all. In recent years the PLP has become embarrassed and timid about its Bahamianization policy, or economics set aside where only Bahamians could be licensed, exclusively, to operate certain businesses. This PLP policy is one of the timeless cornerstones that uplifted all our people. We as a people must unapologetically hold on to this doctrine. This policy, given are population and size, is our guardrail of protection; if we are to survive, and not be swallowed up. The new thinking of globalization is an anathema to the Bahamian way of life.

The policy of Bahamianization is the only way meaningful change will ever come to the masses fully participating in the local economy.

Should we choose to abandon this fundamental policy, our people will soon become pilgrims and slaves in their own land with strangers telling us what we can and cannot do, and how we recreate.

The dormant United Bahamian Party has once again wrestle political power by using surrogates, the Super Uncle Toms among us, to do their bidding. Instead of the old way of buying votes with rice and flour; the new methodology is simply to pay persons not to vote on election day.

In the Fox Hill Constituency on Election Day in 2017, seven hundred (700) eligible voters decided not to vote. In Bain’s and Grant’s Town, 800 people stayed away from voting. Convincing large numbers numbers of registered voters not to vote on Election Day is the new Insidious way to Election Day Victory.

To all PLP candidates, my suggestion to you is messaging. It must be simple, “once you are registered”, you do not need a voters card on Election Day to vote. Not voting on Election Day is in fact voting for greedy people whose god is money. These are the people, after these many years, who still have no faith or confidence in majority rule. This speaks to a deeper problem that should have dissipated with the passage of time. Deep-seated Racism is the sad truth, it is the enemy of equality. The super Uncle Toms Among Us have been given a blank check to, once again, seize political power and do their unpatriotic bidding. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Think About It.

Brian Seymour