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viagra times;”>Description: http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/uploads/1/CASMITHlarge.JPGCA’s apology:

The editor

The Tribune

 The Nassau Guardian

The Freeport News

I would be grateful if you would kindly publish the below note of apology to Sir Arthur Foulkes who has confirmed that he is not the writer of the article published in The Guardian of June 2nd under the non de -plume Simon . I would appreciate it if you would give the publication of this note the same prominence as was given my letter. Thanks kindly

“It has come to my attention that Sir Arthur Foulkes has issued a statement confirming that he is not the person who writes under the non-deplume Simon of Front Porch of The Nassau Guardian and did not author or issue the column of June 2nd which accused me of supporting the Leader of the Free National Movement for personal benefit and or gain. I fully accept Sir Arthur’s statement unreservedly and publicly apologize to Sir Arthur for the mistaken identity and for any damage my response to the offending article may have caused him, his character and or his family.”

C A Smith