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Poor Carl Bethel went an opened his mouth too quickly by saying that he is going to criminalize marital rape.  The preachers who helped the FNM sabotage the referendum on gender equality in 2016 were feeling their power again and said they were betrayed.  Their positon is irreconcilable with that of the government.  They say that when a man and a woman get married that gives implied consent for a man to have sex with his wife at will.  Mr. Bethel spoke his words in the rarefied air of the United Nations in Geneva on Thursday 18 January as he presented the statement of the Government at what is called the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights issues in The Bahamas.  He denied there was a need for protections for gay people but said there is going to be a marital rape law.   Bishop Walter Hanchell, the main antagonist in the referendum, against women’s equality led the way on this saying that it was unacceptable.  Well that’s a fight between FNMs and the PLP would do well to stay out of it.  Poor Carl Bethel had to give a long chapter and verse statement to the press explaining himself.  But with these preachers who got nothing in their heads but prejudice, we doubt anything will help him out of the jam.