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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis told the adoring hordes at the annual Bahamas Business Outlook Seminar last week on Thursday 18th January that he is going on an anti-corruption and economic promotion tour (Nassau Guardian 19 January). He is going to Singapore to start with. He is taking his ministers there. Singapore has been the darling of the copiers ever since the tyrant Lee Kwan Yew was Prime Minister and bludgeoned the largely submissive and tradition bound Chinese population into submission. You can’t chew gum there. You get flogged for it. So that’s what Hubert Minnis wants here. In the mean while he is going off to Dallas for another jaunt. They are taking a delegation of eight from Nassau and having the Consul General in Miami and the Ambassador in Washington fly down to meet the Prime Minister. Says he is meeting an investor. We know his record on that. Twice he told us that and twice he was just having a cocktail party for his personal friends. Turns out this “investor” maybe someone who was a large donor to their campaign and also who gave them P R and marketing advice during the campaign and now wants to start a land development in The Bahamas. It’s the people’s time all right. This is the same Prime Minister though who said no travel to save on expenses and whose party spent time criticizing the former Foreign Minister for travel. Some advice: you don’t need to go to Singapore at all. PLP Ministers went to Singapore and all you have to do is look at the records. You can speak to the Prime Minister of Singapore by Skype. You can save lots of money. FNMs- liars and hypocrites.