Coleby On Why He’s Voting PLP 

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I am voting for the PLP because from its inception to now the PLP has been the Party to initiate all the big changes for the betterment of the country and the Bahamian people. The legislation, programs and initiatives of this term further demonstrates the PLP’s commitment to positive change and forward movement.

That is easy – the PLP created the modern Bahamas and continues to this very day to lead with the big ideas and transformational policies that bring big changes. Policies like National Health Insurance (NHI), the University of The Bahamas (UB) and the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI).

The PLP has a heart for the ordinary man and has a history for looking out for the small. Look at the Urban Renewal Small Homes Program – that program assisted hundreds and poor families and employed scores of small contractors. NHI will provide health insurance for over 200,000 Bahamians. Helping the small man, the poor man and the dispossessed – that is the legacy of the PLP.

The Pindling generation introduced NIB and the Christie generation introducing NHI. The Pindling generation established the College of The Bahamas and the Christie generation established the University of The Bahamas. The PLP is always in the vanguard of change by advancing policies that change the lives of Bahamians and transform The Bahamas.

The PLP is united, competent, bold and fearless – never afraid to make the tough, unpopular but necessary decisions to move this country forward. Take VAT for example. It was necessary and its implementation was one of the smoothest on record. Bahamians generally agree that VAT was necessary.

The PLP brand can be summed up in just three powerful adjectives or principles: SOCIAL JUSTICE, CHANGE AGENT and TRANSFORMATION. The achievements of the PLP are so inextricably linked to the modern development of the Bahamas that these achievements have become a burden to them. When national events such as independence and Majority Rule are celebrated, the critics of the PLP criticize them for politicizing these national events. I cannot think of more compelling reasons to vote PLP – the fingerprints and footprints of the PLP on the modern Bahamas are indelible.

What public institutions collectively make up the free, modern, democratic state called The Bahamas? Which one of these public institutions were established by the PLP? CASE CLOSED!! YOU SIMPLY CANNOT SEPARATE THE MODERN BAHAMAS FROM THE PLP – IT IS A FACT!! AND THAT IS WHY I AM VOTING FOR THE PLP!!